In the last 10 years, the United States has experienced an average of 27 catastrophes per year that have cost businesses billions of dollars.

Whether you experience flooding, fire or an act of Mother Nature, lost time at your business can become lost customers, revenue, inventory and property. Water and smoke-damaged items, as well as structural damage, become unsalvageable without swift, effective action. Will you and your employees know who to call to contain the damage, minimize disruptions to you and your clients and get your site back in operation? Make sure your business is prepared with 866 RECOVER.

Part of any strong business plan is planning for emergences and natural disasters. At ServiceMaster? we know that lost time for your business is lost revenue and potentially lost customers. Get the peace of mind that comes with 866 RECOVER, a program that minimizes business and financial disruptions in the event of property damage or loss.

866 RECOVER provides comprehensive services from emergency procedures planning to mitigation and reconstruction with large-loss capabilities. 866 RECOVER also guarantees priority emergency response service. In the event of an emergency or a regional or national disaster, simply call 866 RECOVER and your business will receive the response and technical expertise it needs to return to business as usual - quickly.

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